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Necro Fetish Fantasy welcomes you! Here you shall find high quality, crystal clear pictures of women being mummified by their dominant partners, lesbian necrophilia and necro sex pictures of men fucking female corpses. I have compiled this picture collection because of my frustrated attempts to find necro sex and sleepy fetish sites on the internet. For as long as I can remember I've thought about fucking, or touching, dead women. I remember seeing my first corpse; looking at the smooth, translucent skin and her emotionless face, imagining kneeling over her, rubbing my cock over her still lips as she lies passively, silently beneath me. Then, parting her clothing so that I can gaze over her body...touching, staring, owning her completely. Touching her anywhere I please with my throbbing cock - penetrating her if I want to, parting her legs and spreading her cunt, feeling her give herself to me with no resistance - completely and utterly owned by me - squirting my hot spunk over her cold face and lips, or over her asshole, or on her soft pubic hair, dribbling my cum over her clitoris and inside her wherever I please, because she is mine!

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Necro Fetish Fantasy brings you photos of necrophilia, morgue love, female corpses, and necro sex.