Femdom and Fetish List
Femdom and fetish ProAdult sites...yes, you've come to the right place to find them! Since I have quite a few of those, I've divided them into categories, so you don't have to browse the content you are not interested in. Please choose what you'd like to see, and click on either the link, or thumb:
Fetish and Femdom Link Sites!
  • Cock Domination: Cock waxing, ball burning, clothespin torture, spanking and heel piercing CBT movies and images. [Femdom Quantum]
  • Femdom Nurse: Movies and photo stories of medical femdom torture, nurse CBT and anal domination! [Femdom Quantum]
  • Orgasm Denial: Movies and pictures of beautiful femdoms playing with slave cocks and not letting them cum! [Femdom Quantum]
  • Pussy Worship Movies: Femdom pussy licking fetish, slave smother and facesitting videos and photo stories! [Femdom Quantum]
  • Boot Worship Movies: Full length English movie and 180+ pictures of male slaves licking shiny femdom boots! [Femdom Quantum]
  • Toilet Slave: Movie clips and pictures of dominant women forcing slaves to drink hot pee. Toilet slave training! [Femdom Quantum]
  • Human Toilet: Slave pissing movies and photo stories of femdom toilet domination and forced pee drinking! [Femdom Quantum]
  • Spanking Fetish: F/m and F/f femdom spanking, whipping, caning and paddling here! [Femdom Regular]
  • CBT Torture: Videos of cock torture and picture stories of CBT whipping, balls trampling, cock spanking and biting! [Femdom Quantum]
  • Femdom Nurse Movies: Medical femdom video clips, and nurse CBT torture, enema and anal domination pictures! [Femdom Quantum]
  • Femdom Index Top: Facesitting, femdom torture, pissing humiliation, spanking, foot domination! [My new Femdom Toplist]
  • Cock Torture: CBT femdom and nurse genital torture site list! [Femdom Toplist]
  • Toilet Slaves: Human toilet slaves and femdom toilet domination fetish movies and pictures! [Femdom/Watersports Toplist]
  • Orgasm-Denial.biz: Hot movies and photos of slave teasing and denial and sensual femdom torture! [Femdom Toplist]
  • Pussy Worship Movies: Femdom pussy licking fetish, slave smother and facesitting videos and photo stories! [Femdom Quantum]
  • Pissing Humiliation: Movies of femdom pissing and picture stories of forced pee drinking and human toilet slaves! [Femdom/Watersports Regular]
  • Fetish Bizarre: The resource for all your extreme femdom, pissing, BDSM and weird fetish needs! [Femdom/Fetish Toplist]
  • Medical CBT: Femdom hospital picture stories of nurse CBT and patient cock torture fetish! [Femdom Regular]
  • Smother.ws 100: Facesitting femdom, smother and pussy worship links. [Femdom Toplist]
  • Facesitting Femdom: Femdom pussy licking, slave ass worship, facesitting and smother picture stories! [Femdom Regular]
  • Femdom Patient: Femdom clinic torture videos and images of medical CBT and nurse anal domination! [Femdom Regular]
  • Muffdivers: Offers hot facesitting movies and picture stories of femdom smother and pussy worship! [Femdom Regular]
  • Strapon Humiliation: Extreme lesbian and male strapon domination in more than 1,000 femdom pictures! [Femdom Quantum]
  • Boot Worshippers: Features hot boot licking movies and photos. [Femdom Regular]
  • Strapon Unlimited: Best movies and pix of gorgeous femdoms sodomizing their pathetic slaves! [Femdom Toplist]
  • Sabrina Movies: Brutal femdom ass fucking clips and image stories of famous strapon domme Sabrina in strapon domination action! [Femdom Quantum]
  • Ass Buster: Gorgeous Lady Sabrina fucking male sissies up the ass: movies and photos. [Femdom Regular]
  • Boot Slave: Passionate femdom boot worship, licking and trampling movies and pictures! [Femdom Toplist]
  • Femdom Doctors: Medical torture movies and photo stories of nurse anal domination, toilet slaves and CBT. [Femdom Regular]
  • Humiliation.ws: Your ultimate guide to femdom torture, toilet slave domination, CBT, facesitting and strapon humiliation. [Femdom Toplist]
  • Medical Femdom: Male sissies tied down to gyno chairs and tortured by brutal nurses! [Femdom Toplist]
  • Bizarre CBT: Sadistic and gorgeous femdoms brutally torture cock and balls with electro shocks, needle piercing, bondage and crushing. Movies and pictures! [Femdom Quantum]
  • Anal Nurses: Humiliating femdom enema movies and pictures of sodomized male patients! [Femdom Regular]
  • Submissive Movies: Bizarre video clips of femdom adult baby fetish, CBT, human toilet slaves and anal torture! [Femdom Quantum]
  • CBT Sadism: Extreme electro CBT movies and pictures of clothespin, bondage and vise cock and balls torture! [Femdom Regular]
  • Submissive.ws: Movies and pix of femdom CBT, toilet slavery, torture and bizarre humiliation! [Femdom Toplist]
  • Femdom Doctor Movies: Femdom nurse movies and enema clips, bizarre hospital CBT torture and anal domination medical fetish! [Femdom Quantum]
  • Nurse Humiliation: Medical femdom movies and photos of evil nurses subjecting male patients to anal torture, toilet slave degradation and CBT! [Femdom Regular]
  • Toilet Slavery: Evil femdoms use their submissives as human potties: disgusting movies and pics of toilet slave humiliation. [Femdom Quantum]
  • Cock Mistress: Needle CBT movie clips and photo stories of femdom cock biting, balls crushing and bondage torture! [Femdom Regular]]
  • Cock Dominatrix: Cruel cock and balls bondage clips and pictures of ball crushing, cock whipping and waxing! [Femdom Regular]
  • Pissing Clips: Pee drinking and urine spraying movies and pics! [Pissing/Toilet Slave Quantum]
  • Anal Patient: Medical femdom anal insertion movies and picture stories! [Femdom Regular]
  • Shitting.ws: Disgusting femdom shitting, toilet slave domination and forced pee drinking degradation here! [Femdom/Scat/Watersports Toplist]
  • Rubber Mistress: Rubber femdoms treat their submales to cruel CBT, anal torture, human toilet slavery and strapon sodomy! Movies and pictures! [Femdom Quantum]
  • Femdom Toilet: Toilet slave humiliation: forced pee drinking and pissing femdom domination movies and pictures. [Pissing/Toilet Slave Regular]
  • Piss Drinkers: Toilet slave humiliation, pee drinking and hot watersports movies and pictures! [Pissing/Toilet Slave Toplist]
  • Femdom Movies: Facesitting humiliation, cruel cock and ball torture, passionate foot domination and bizarre toilet slave degradation: movies, movies, movies! [Femdom Movie Toplist]
  • Femdom Torture: Sadistic mistresses administer cock and ball torture, femdom nurse therapy and anal slave abuse: only the most brutal movies and pictures here! [Femdom Torture Toplist]
  • Femdom Drawings: 3D femdom art of strapon domination, toilet slave training, medical femdom and smothering! [Femdom Regular]
  • Toilet Domina: Toilet slaves are commanded to eat femdom shit and drink piss here: a really revolting site collection! [Toilet Slave Toplist]
  • Femdom-Nurse.com: Evil femdom nurses subjecting malke slaves to catheter torture, anal insertion, fisting and enema. [Medical Femdom Toplist]
  • CBT and Teasing: Cock and ball torture, femdom teasing and orgasm denial links. [Femdom Toplist]
  • Shitters.biz: Scat slave humiliaiton and femdom shit eating. [Toilet Slave Toplist]
  • Shemale Mistress: Male slaves getting stiff cocks up the ass and sucking off gorgeous dominant transsexuals! [Femdom Toplist]
  • Sissification: Starring femdom sisses here: they are fucked in the ass, sprayed with cum and dressed as women! [Femdom Toplist]
  • Lesbian Femdom: Pethtic maids getting spanked, strapon facked, ass smothered and humiliated here! [Femdom Toplist]
  • Anal Sissy: Men feminized to extremes with shemale domination, strapon fucking and forced cock sucking here. [Femdom Toplist]
  • Dominant Wife: Cruel femdom wives punishing their little hubbies with facesitting asphyxiation, sharp spanking, tantalizing cock teasing and foot domination. [Femdom Toplist]
  • Human Toilet: Femdom scat and toilet slave pissing: disgusting femdom toilet movies and pics here. [Femdom Toplist]
  • Femdom Piss: Human potties get to drink hot femdom urine here. [Femdom Toplist]
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